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Race for space
Composer/Arranger(s): Public Service Broadcasting;
Performers(s): Public Service Broadcasting; Smoke Fairies;
Imprint: [United States?] : Test Card Recordings, [2015]
Call Number: RCD 3663
Availability: Not checked out

Rachmaninoff plays Rachmaninoff : solo works and transcriptions
Composer/Arranger(s): Bach, Johann Sebastian; Kreisler, Fritz; Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix; Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich; Rachmaninoff, Sergei; Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay; Schubert, Franz; Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich;
Performers(s): Rachmaninoff, Sergei;
Imprint: New York, NY : RCA Victor Gold Seal : Manufactured and distributed by BMG Music, p1989.
Call Number: RCD 1845
Availability: Not checked out

Radio music society
Composer/Arranger(s): Spalding, Esperanza;
Performers(s): Spalding, Esperanza;
Imprint: Beverly Hills, CA : Heads Up International, p2012.
Call Number: RCD 3159
Availability: Not checked out

Radiolarians III
Composer/Arranger(s): Medeski, Martin & Wood;
Performers(s): Medeski, Martin & Wood;
Imprint: [United States] : Indirecto Records, p2009.
Call Number: RCD 2244
Availability: Not checked out

Rags : the new American musical
Composer/Arranger(s): Strouse, Charles;
Performers(s): Kert, Larry; Migenes-Johnson, Julia; Stern, Eric;
Imprint: New York, NY : Sony Masterworks, p1991.
Call Number: RCD 2012
Availability: Not checked out

Ragtime : the musical
Composer/Arranger(s): Doctorow, E. L; Flaherty, Stephen;
Performers(s): Friedman, Peter; Jacoby, Mark; Loud, David; Mauceri, John; Mazzie, Marin; McDonald, Audra; Mitchell, Brian Stokes;
Imprint: New York, NY : RCA Victor, p1998.
Call Number: RCD 2001
Availability: Not checked out

Raiders of the lost ark : soundtrack
Composer/Arranger(s): Williams, John;
Performers(s): London Symphony Orchestra; Williams, John;
Imprint: [New York] : Polydor, [1985?], p1981.
Call Number: RCD 39
Availability: Not checked out

Composer/Arranger(s): Ghazal;
Imprint: München : ECM, p2003.
Call Number: RCD 1727
Availability: Not checked out

Rain dogs
Performers(s): Waits, Tom;
Imprint: N.Y., NY : Island Records, p1985.
Call Number: RCD 1314
Availability: Not checked out

Rainbow body
Composer/Arranger(s): Barber, Samuel; Copland, Aaron; Higdon, Jennifer; Theofanidis, Christopher;
Performers(s): Atlanta Symphony Orchestra; Spano, Robert;
Imprint: [Cleveland, Oh.] : Telarc, p2003.
Call Number: RCD 978
Availability: Not checked out

Raising sand
Performers(s): Krauss, Alison; Plant, Robert;
Imprint: Burlington, MA : Rounder, p2007.
Call Number: RCD 2198
Availability: Not checked out

Rake's progress
Composer/Arranger(s): Stravinsky, Igor;
Performers(s): Bostridge, Ian; Bronder, Peter; Clarkson, Julian; Gardiner, John Eliot; Howells, Anne; London Symphony Orchestra; Monteverdi Choir; Otter, Anne Sofie von; Robson, Martin; Terfel, Bryn; York, Deborah;
Imprint: Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, p1999.
Call Number: RCD 2131
Availability: Not checked out

Rambling boy
Performers(s): Haden, Charlie;
Imprint: New York, NY : Decca : Distributed by Universal Music Distribution, p2008.
Call Number: RCD 2349
Availability: Not checked out

Performers(s): Ramones;
Imprint: Los Angeles, CA : Warner Bros. Records & Rhino Entertainment, p2001.
Call Number: RCD 1097
Availability: Not checked out

Raphael : music of his time
Composer/Arranger(s): Agricola, Alexander; Alamanni, Antonio; Cara, Marchetto; Domenico, da Piacenza; Ghiselin, Johannes; Guglielmo, Ebreo da Pesaro; Josquin, des Prez; Stockem, Johannes;
Performers(s): Ensemble Unicorn;
Imprint: [S.l.] : Naxos, p2003.
Call Number: RCD 1221
Availability: Not checked out

Raphael Valerio plays his piano tablatures Sound recording
Composer/Arranger(s): Valerio, Raphael;
Imprint: New York, Camu Press [1966]
Call Number: LPR 720
Availability: Not checked out

Rappresentatione di anima & di corpo
Composer/Arranger(s): Cavalieri, Emilio de'; Chappuis, Marie-Claude; Fink, Marcos; Jacobs, René; Manni, Agostino; Milhofer, Mark; Orendt, Gyula; Weisser, Johannes;
Imprint: Arles : Harmonia Mundi, [2015]
Call Number: RCD 3689
Availability: Not checked out

Rappresentatione di anima, e di corpo
Composer/Arranger(s): Cavalieri, Emilio de'; Harvey, Susan Louise; Hillier, Paul; Manni, Agostino; Nelson, Judith; Stewart, Warren;
Imprint: [Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania?] : ArkivMusic, [2017?]
Call Number: RCD 4197
Availability: Not checked out

Rare Django (1928-1938)
Performers(s): Reinhardt, Django;
Imprint: New York, N.Y. : DRG Records, p1990.
Call Number: RCD 1052
Availability: Not checked out

Rariora & marginalia
Composer/Arranger(s): Bertali, Antonio; Böddecker, Philipp Friedrich; Bovicelli, Giovanni Battista; Muffat, Georg; Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da; Westhoff, Johann Paul;
Performers(s): Kraemer, Manfred; Rare Fruits Council;
Imprint: [France] : Astrée : Naïve, [2003], p2001.
Call Number: RCD 1048
Availability: Not checked out

Rattle and hum
Composer/Arranger(s): U2;
Imprint: N[ew] Y[ork], NY : Island Records, p1988.
Call Number: RCD 2038
Availability: Not checked out

Raw power
Performers(s): Pop, Iggy; Stooges;
Imprint: New York, NY : Columbia/Legacy, [1997], p1973.
Call Number: RCD 1398
Availability: Not checked out

Rayman legends
Imprint: [France] : Ubisoft, 2013.
Call Number: Viewing Room 2B
Availability: Not checked out

Ready, aim, improvise!
Composer/Arranger(s): Crook, Hal;
Imprint: [Rottenburg N., Germany] : Advance Music, c1999.
Call Number: MT68.C76 R4 1999
Availability: Not checked out

Rebirth of a nation
Composer/Arranger(s): DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid;
Performers(s): Kronos Quartet;
Imprint: Brooklyn, NY : Cantaloupe Music, LLC, [2015]
Call Number: RCD 3845
Availability: Not checked out

Recent Stravinsky conducted by the composer
Composer/Arranger(s): Stravinsky, Igor;
Imprint: [S.l.] : Columbia Masterworks, [1967]
Call Number: LPR 855
Availability: Not checked out

Recital at Carnegie Hall, 25.XI.1956
Composer/Arranger(s): Brahms, Johannes; Gluck, Christoph Willibald, Ritter von; Handel, George Frideric; Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus; Schubert, Franz; Schumann, Robert; Strauss, Richard; Wolf, Hugo;
Performers(s): Reeves, George; Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth;
Imprint: [S.l.] : EMI Records, p1988.
Call Number: RCD 2817
Availability: Not checked out

Recital at Ravinia
Composer/Arranger(s): Brahms, Johannes; Debussy, Claude; Handel, George Frideric; Hunt Lieberson, Lorraine; Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus; Telson, Bob;
Performers(s): Serkin, Peter; Minter, Drew;
Imprint: Burbank, Calif. : Harmonia Mundi, p2009.
Call Number: RCD 2741
Availability: Not checked out

Recital gems from Chautauqua
Composer/Arranger(s): Albright, William; Bartók, Béla; Bolcom, William; Chopin, Frédéric; Debussy, Claude; Liszt, Franz; Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus; Schumann, Robert;
Performers(s): Penneys, Rebecca;
Imprint: Buffalo, NY : Fleur De Son Classics, p2002.
Call Number: RCD 3252
Availability: Not checked out

Recorder music of six centuries
Imprint: New York, N.Y. : Classic Editions, [195-?]
Call Number: LPR 773
Availability: Not checked out

Recorder sonatas & fantasias
Composer/Arranger(s): Kenny, Elizabeth; McGillivray, Alison; Świątkiewicz, Marcin; Telemann, Georg Philipp; Thorby, Pamela; Whelan, Peter;
Imprint: [Glasgow, Scotland] : Linn Records, [2015]
Call Number: RCD 3979
Availability: Not checked out

Recordings for A history of Western music, fourth edition, and Norton anthology of Western music, second edition
Composer/Arranger(s): Grout, Donald Jay; Palisca, Claude V;
Imprint: [S.l.] : Sony Music Special Products : New York, NY : W.W. Norton, p1988.
Call Number: RCD 233
Availability: v. 1: Not checked out
v. 2: Not checked out

Recordings for The enjoyment of music and The Norton scores
Composer/Arranger(s): Machlis, Joseph;
Imprint: New York, N.Y. : Norton : CBS Special Products, p1984.
Call Number: LPR 77
Availability: v. 1: Not checked out
v. 1: Not checked out
v. 1: Not checked out
v. 1: Not checked out
v. 1: Not checked out
v. 1: Not checked out
v. 2: Not checked out
v. 2: Not checked out
v. 2: Not checked out
v. 2: Not checked out
v. 2: Not checked out
v. 2: Not checked out

Red arc
Composer/Arranger(s): Adams, John Luther;
Performers(s): Deal, Scott; Drury, Stephen; Gerber, Stuart; Takagi, Yukiko;
Imprint: Venice, CA : Cold Blue Music, p2007.
Call Number: RCD 2071
Availability: Not checked out

Red earth : a Malian journey
Composer/Arranger(s): Bridgewater, Dee Dee;
Performers(s): Bridgewater, Dee Dee;
Imprint: New York, NY : EmArcy/DDB Records : Manufactured and marketed by Decca Label Group : Distributed by Universal Music Distribution, p2007.
Call Number: RCD 2015
Availability: Not checked out

Regimen-chi circulation
Composer/Arranger(s): Hao, Wanshan; Shi, Feng;
Performers(s): Zhong yang yin yue xue yuanGuan xian yue dui; Zhu, Yi;
Imprint: Taipei, Taiwan : Wind Records, p1992.
Call Number: RCD 1376
Availability: Not checked out

Regina : 1958 New York City Opera cast recording
Composer/Arranger(s): Blitzstein, Marc; Hellman, Lillian;
Performers(s): Brice, Carol; Carron, Elisabeth; Hecht, Joshua; Krachmalnick, Samuel; Lewis, Brenda; New York City Opera;
Imprint: New York, N.Y. : Sony Music Entertainment : Distributed by ArkivMusic, p2010.
Call Number: RCD 2541
Availability: Not checked out

Regina Coeli : S53 ; De profundis : S23 ; Cantate Domino : S72
Composer/Arranger(s): Lalande, Michel Richard de;
Performers(s): Ex Cathedra Baroque Orchestra; Ex Cathedra Chamber Choir; Skidmore, Jeffrey;
Imprint: London : Gaudeamus, p1995.
Call Number: RCD 2316
Availability: Not checked out

Reign in blood
Performers(s): Slayer;
Imprint: New York, NY : American : Distributed by Columbia Records, [2007], p1986.
Call Number: RCD 2646
Availability: Not checked out

Rejoyce! : the best of Joyce DiDonato
Performers(s): DiDonato, Joyce;
Imprint: [United Kingdom?] : Erato, p2013.
Call Number: RCD 3370
Availability: Not checked out

Composer/Arranger(s): Keefe, Robert Michael; Lennon, John Anthony; Maslanka, David;
Performers(s): Bruckner, Susan; Di Pretoro, Marina; Hansen, Kathy; Rossi, Jāmal;
Imprint: [Clarence, NY] : Mark Custom Recording Services, [1998?]
Call Number: RCD 893
Availability: Not checked out

Remede de fortune
Composer/Arranger(s): Guillaume, de MachautMachaut, Guillaume de;
Performers(s): Ensemble Project Ars Nova; Mealy, Robert;
Imprint: San Francisco : New Albion Records, p1994.
Call Number: RCD 656
Availability: Not checked out

Performers(s): Feist;
Imprint: Santa Monica, CA : Cherrytree/Interscope Records, p2007.
Call Number: RCD 2019
Availability: Not checked out

Renaissance band. Sound recording
Composer/Arranger(s): Isaac, Heinrich; Lasso, Orlando di; Praetorius, Michael;
Performers(s): Greenberg, Noah; New York Pro Musica Antiqua;
Imprint: MCA Records [1973]
Call Number: LPR 194
Availability: Not checked out

Renaissance clavichord : II
Composer/Arranger(s): Aston, Hugh; Bruna, Pablo; Bull, John; Cabezón, Antonio de; Coelho, Manuel Rodrigues; Gabrieli, Andrea; Gascongne, Mathieu; Nassarre, Pablo; Obrecht, Jacob; Valente, Antonio;
Performers(s): Brauchli, Bernard;
Imprint: Cambridge, Mass. : Titanic, p1978.
Call Number: LPR 121
Availability: Not checked out

Renaissance madrigals
Composer/Arranger(s): Monteverdi, Claudio; Rore, Cipriano de; Scarlatti, Alessandro; Stradella, Alessandro; Wert, Giaches de;
Performers(s): Quink;
Imprint: Cleveland, OH : Telarc, p1989.
Call Number: RCD 79
Availability: Not checked out

Renaissance masterpieces. Volume 4, Rome
Composer/Arranger(s): Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da;
Performers(s): Higginbottom, Edward; New CollegeChoir;
Imprint: [England] : Collins Classics, p1998.
Call Number: RCD 703
Availability: Not checked out

Renaissance winds
Performers(s): Doulce mémoire;
Imprint: Troy, N.Y. : Dorian Recordings, p1999.
Call Number: RCD 1145
Availability: Not checked out

Composer/Arranger(s): Brittelle, William; Burhans, Caleb; Dudley, Eric; Gunn, Wally; Mazzoli, Missy; Treuting, Jason; Wells, Brad;
Imprint: [New York] : New Amsterdam Records, [2015]
Call Number: RCD 3904
Availability: Not checked out

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