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  (Note: The Endowed Funds History is alphabetized by the last name of the person(s) named for the fund.)
The John H. Barnard Jr.'45 Engineering Collection Endowed Fund
Date Established: 1997

This fund was established by John H. Barnard, Class of 1945, as part of his 50th reunion class gift. After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps in World War II and the Korean War, Mr. Barnard had successful careers at Allied Chemical and Bechtel. He designed this endowment for materials in the engineering library, believing that the engineering disciplines should be leaders in use of technologically advanced methods of researching and teaching. The fund will be supported through a deferred gift for the "Engineering Library Collection" at the Chester F. Carlson Science and Engineering Library.

The Clark A. Barrett Fellowship
Date Established: 2000

Mr. Barrett established the fund as part of his 50th reunion class gift. The funds are to be used to support a Preservation Fellowship in Rush Rhees Library. Mr. Barrett has great affection for Rush Rhees Library. He was particularly taken with the inscriptions on the frieze of the Library composed by Professor John Rothwell Slater for the opening of the Library in 1930. The inscriptions had such meaning to him, he had them calligraphed and hung in his family room. They read "Here is the history of human ignorance, folly, war and waste recorded by human intelligence for the admonition of wiser ages still to come." And "Here is the history of man's hunger for truth, goodness and beauty leading him slowly on through flesh to spirit, from bondage to freedom, from war to peace."

Mr. Barrett "[believes] preservation is an existing function, and future goal, of all research libraries."

The Joel S. and Sheri L. Beckman Fund
Date Established: 1995

The Beckman's generous donation supports an endowed book fund for the Center for Judaic Studies.

The Rabbi Philip Bernstein Fund
Date Established: 1975

Rabbi Philip Bernstein gave a rich and extensive collection of his personal and professional papers to the Library where they are available in the archives of the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. The Bernstein Archive included a wide variety of information on many different subjects from local Rochester history, to religious matters, and world history. Financial support for the endowment was a result of a gift of $20,000 from the Isaac Gordon Foundation and is used to acquire library materials in support of the Philip S. Bernstein Professorship in Jewish Studies.

The Raymond R. Borst Collection of Henry David Thoreau
Date Established: 1996

Raymond R. Borst, a 1933 graduate of the University of Rochester, donated one of the largest collections of Henry David Thoreau books, assorted writings and memorabilia to the Rare Books and Special Collections Department, totaling almost 1,000 items. These materials include many rare and irreplaceable editions from small and private presses, and the first sixteen editions of Thoreau's 1954 classic "Walden." Mr. Borst, a retired businessman from Auburn, New York, began collecting these works after reading "Walden" on a train trip in the 1940s.

The Lemuel W. Bowen Fund
Date Established: 1919

This fund was established by combining the following Rush Rhees Library Funds: Eugene H. Satterlee Library Fund, Charles A. Brown Library Fund, Francis R. Welles Library Fund, and The Special Library Fund. After the combining of these funds, the new fund was known as the Library Support Fund. Later, Lemuel W. Bowen donated a gift of gold bonds from the Santa Fe, Prescott & Phoenix Railway First Mortgage Company to the fund, and the University changed the name of the fund to reflect Mr. Bowen's generosity to the Rush Rhees Library.

The Dr. George Bowerman Fund
Date Established: 1966

Before Dr. Bowerman, Class of 1892, died in 1960, he stipulated in a letter that he would bequeath "a substantial fraction" of his estate to the University of Rochester, the income thereof "to be used for the purchase of books and manuscripts for the Treasure Room of the Rush Rhees Library." Upon the death of his wife, Joy Webster Bowerman, the estate was dispersed and the Fund established.

The Helene Bougdanos Boyatzies Book Fund
Date Established: 1996

Helene Bougdanos Boyatzies (1907-1994) came to this country from her beloved island, Chios, Greece, when she married. Educated in her homeland, she learned to read, write and speak English after she arrived in Rochester. Throughout her life, she impressed upon her children the importance of education and was pleased when her daughter and grandson attended the University of Rochester. The book fund established in her memory honors her values and her life.

The purpose of this book fund is to purchase books for the Rush Rhees Library in the subject of Renaissance literature up to the 18th century.

The Joseph and Sara Breman Fund
Date Established: 1974

Established to honor the parents of Mrs. M. Harry (Estelle) Goldman. The Fund was established as the result of a gift from the Sara and Joseph Breman Foundation to support the Philip S. Bernstein Professorship in Jewish Studies.

The Charles A. Brown Fund
Date Established: 1919

A graduate of the class of 1879, Charles Brown was a successful attorney in Chicago and served as trustee of the University from 1924 until his death in 1938. As an alumni leader, he took great interest in all matters related to the Library and led a campaign in 1916 to raise a $200,000 book endowment. His personal contribution of $25,000 was used to establish a fund named in his honor. Mr. Brown was a discriminating book collector and donated many valuable items to the Library, including his autograph collection. In 1930, he and Francis R. Welles, Class of 1875, donated the funds for the Welles-Brown Room.

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