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  (Note: The Endowed Funds History is alphabetized by the last name of the person(s) named for the fund.)
The Gordon and Hazel Cameron Memorial Gift
Date Established: 1981

This gift was established by Kenneth M. Cameron and Donald G. Cameron in memory of their parents for the purchase of books relating to the theatre for the Rush Rhees Library collections.

Carlson Library Fund
Date Established: 1986

Dorris H. Carlson, the wife of Chester F. Carlson, the inventor of xerography, established this fund named for her late husband. The endowment supports collections, training, and equipment for the Chester F. Carlson Science and Engineering Library. The Carlson Library was dedicated in his honor on October 3, 1972.


In the words of Chancellor W. Allen Wallis, "Chester Carlson was a physicist, lawyer, inventor, and humanitarian; he invented an electrostatic printing process called xerography-a process that not only solved a major problem in office copying, but radically transformed the entire field of communication."


Mr. Carlson's success was rooted in devotion to hard work and an optimistic philosophy. His invention revolutionized the modern business and educational worlds. The combination of ambition, drive, dedication, knowledge, patience, and ability to work alone or without encouragement, fused into one being-Chester Carlson-scientist and humanitarian, who became the epitome of the American success story in its finest form. At the accessioning of the Carlson papers by the New York Public Library, the President of the Library said, "It is abundantly clear that the invention of xerography ranks in a trio of significant developments relating to the printed word. The first, of course, was Gutenberg's invention of the printing press, the second was Mergenthaler's invention of the linotype, and the third Carlson's invention of xerography."

Case-Hoyt Endowed Book Fund
Date Established: 1978

Established by Mr. William Maxion, officers and members of the Board of Case-Hoyt as a fund to add to the collections in Rush Rhees Library. The Monroe County printing company is now known as St. Ives-Case Hoyt Corporation.

The John B. Christopher and Marjorie Gilles Christopher Fund for Middle East History and Islamic Culture
Date Established: 1988

Marjorie Christopher originally established the fund in honor of her husband, John B. Christopher, a renowned member of the Department of History. Professor Christopher was an eminent scholar who played an instrumental role in the development of the Library's history collection. Mrs. Christopher was an alumna, Class of 1936, and a widely respected member of the University community known for her interest in books, libraries, and academia. Mrs. Christopher had also been assistant to Dexter Perkins, professor and chair of the history department, for many years.

Sherman Clarke and Jean Vance Clarke Endowment
Date Established: 1929

Mr. Clarke was the youngest son of the founder of the Democrat and Chronicle and the company's first comptroller of currency. Mr. Clarke had a passionate interest in philosophy and chemistry, traveling throughout the United States and abroad to pursue studies in his areas of interest. He was an ardent bibliophile and his collection passed to the Library after his death in 1928.

Class of 1966 Book Fund
Date Established: 1976

Established to support acquisitions in Natural Sciences, Social Science, Humanities, Engineering, Business and Education in Rush Rhees Library.

Rowland L. Collins Endowments
Date Established: 1986

The Rowland L. Collins Book Fund was established from gifts made by family, friends, and colleagues of Professor Collins at the time of his death in 1985. Dr. Collins, Professor of English and Chair of the Department from 1972 to 1981, joined the Rochester faculty in 1967. He was an internationally known authority on Old English Literature and the Victorian era. The purpose of the Collins Book Fund is to purchase books and manuscripts relating to the Victorian period of English literature. Professor Collins' collections of George Eliot and Alfred Lord Tennyson are housed in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. Income from this fund is to be used to strengthen the Department's holdings in the Victorian period as a complement to the Eliot and Tennyson materials.

Alma Burner Creek Endowment
Date Established: 1985

Alma Burner Creek was a member of the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. A native of Phoenix, Arizona, she began her career at the Library in 1968 and remained there for 16 years. The fund was started by family and friends to support acquisitions of local history.


"As a native of Rochester, I appreciate the fact that this money is being used to purchase material related to that area. In an age when promises are broken at the drop of a hat, it is gratifying to know that the University and the Library continue to fulfill its past commitments." Leon Creek.

Anthony Cristao Endowment
Date Established: 1990

The fund was established by Dr. Carmen Cristo in honor of his brother, Anthony Cristao for the purchase of books in the areas of ancient and European history.

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