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There were 40 items purchased or donated by the John W. and Pauline Handy Endowed Book Fund during the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Title: Authentic movement : moving the body, moving the self, being moved : a collection of essays, volume two
Imprint: London, England ; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania :Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2007.
Title: Beginning Perl programming : from novice to professional
Author: Rothwell, William, author.
Imprint: [Berkeley, California] :Apress, [2019]
Title: Behind the screen : content moderation in the shadows of social media
Author: Roberts, Sarah T. (Professor of information studies), author.
Imprint: New Haven :Yale University Press, [2019]
Title: Blood and money : war, slavery, finance, and empire
Author: McNally, David, 1953- author.
Imprint: Chicago, Illinois :Haymarket Books, [2020]
Title: Building a representative theater corpus : a broader view of nineteenth-century French
Author: Grieve-Smith, Angus, author.
Imprint: Cham, Switzerland :Palgrave Macmillan, [2019]
Title: Chinese drama and society
Author: Sun, Teresa Chi-Ching, author.
Imprint: Lanham, Maryland :Hamilton Books an imprint of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group Inc, [2019]
Title: Chinese Funerary Biographies An Anthology of Remembered Lives
Imprint: Seattle :University of Washington Press, 2019.
Title: Chinese poetry and translation : rights and wrongs
Imprint: Amsterdam :Amsterdam University Press, [2019]
Title: Demand-Driven Access Account [electronic resource]
Imprint: Ebrary/ProQuest, 2000
Title: Demobilized veterans in late Stalinist Leningrad : soldiers to civilians
Author: Dale, Robert, 1980- author.
Imprint: London, England :Bloomsbury Academic, 2015.
Title: DevOps in Python : infrastructure as Python
Author: Zadka, Moshe, author.
Imprint: [Berkeley, California] :Distributed by Springer Science+Business Media; Apress, [2019]
Title: Diverse voices in translation studies in East Asia
Imprint: Oxford ; New York :Peter Lang, [2019]
Title: Elements of Indigenous style : a guide for writing by and about Indigenous Peoples
Author: Younging, Gregory, author.
Imprint: Edmonton, Alberta :Brush Education, 2018.
Title: Evicted : poverty and profit in the American city
Author: Desmond, Matthew, author.
Imprint: Crown/Archetype
Title: Evidentialism and its discontents
Imprint: Oxford :Oxford University Press, 2011.
Title: Fieldwork in modern Chinese history : a research guide
Imprint: London ; New York, New York :Routledge, [2020]
Title: Guide et activités en conscience morphologique : les morpho-aventuriers, une aventure ludique pour l'apprentissage de l'orthographe grammaticale
Author: St-Pierre, Marie-Catherine, author.
Imprint: [Québec, Québec] :Presses de l'Université Laval, [2018]
Title: H.P. Lovecraft : against the world, against life
Author: Houellebecq, Michel, author.
Imprint: Paris, France :Cernunnos an imprint of Dargaud, 2019.
Title: Handbook on urban development in China
Imprint: Northampton, MA :Edward Elgar Pub, 2019.
Title: How the Red Sun Rose The Origin and Development of the Yan’an Rectification Movement, 1930–1945
Author: Gao, Hua, 1954-2011, author.
Imprint: Baltimore, Maryland :Project MUSE; Project Muse, 2018
Title: Jane Addams's Evolutionary Theorizing : Constructing Democracy and Social Ethics
Author: Fischer, Marilyn, author.
Imprint: Chicago :University of Chicago Press, [2019]
Title: Jean-Jacques Rousseau : the division of labour, the politics of the imagination and the concept of federal government
Author: Sonenscher, Michael, author.
Imprint: Leiden ; Boston :Brill, [2020]
Title: Media ethics, free speech, and the requirements of democracy
Imprint: New York, New York ; London :Routledge, 2019.
Title: Media, indigeneity and nation in South Asia
Imprint: Abingdon, Oxon ; New York :Routledge, 2020.
Title: Methods in medical informatics : fundamentals of healthcare programming in perl, python, and ruby
Author: Berman, Jules J. author
Imprint: Boca Raton, FLCRC Press, 2018.
Title: MS Excel : let's advance to the next level
Author: Singal, Anurag, author.
Imprint: New York, NY :Business Expert Press LLC, 2019.
Title: Necessary existence
Author: Pruss, Alexander R., author.
Imprint: Oxford :Oxford University Press, 2018.
Title: Oaks Physiological Ecology. Exploring the Functional Diversity of Genus Quercus L.
Imprint: Cham :Imprint Springer; Springer International Publishing, 2017.
Title: Python for SAS users : a SAS-oriented introduction to Python
Author: Betancourt, Randy, author
Imprint: [Berkeley, California] :Apress, 2019.
Title: Python for the life sciences : a gentle introduction to Python for life scientists
Author: Lancaster, Alexander, author
Imprint: [New York] :Apress, [2019]
Title: Quick guide to IBM® SPSS® : statistical analysis with step-by-step examples
Author: Elliott, Alan C., 1952- author.
Imprint: Thousand Oaks, California :SAGE Publications Inc, [2020]
Title: Reading Japan
Author: Castelvetere, Teresa, author.
Imprint: Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY :Routledge an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2020.
Title: SAS certified specialist prep guide : base programming using SAS 9.4.
Imprint: Cary, N.C. :SAS Institute, 2019.
Title: SAS for forecasting time series
Author: Brocklebank, John Clare, author.
Imprint: Cary, N.C. :SAS Institute, 2018.
Title: Scottish History Society (Membership)
Imprint: 199u
Title: Television History, the Peabody Archive, and Cultural Memory
Imprint: Athens :Project MUSE; University of Georgia, [2019]
Title: The ancient dancer in the modern world responses to Greek and Roman dance
Imprint: Oxford ; New York :Oxford University Press, 2010.
Title: The Taoists of Peking, 1800–1949 A Social History of Urban Clerics
Author: Goossaert, Vincent, author.
Imprint: Cambridge, Mass :Project MUSE; Distributed by Harvard University Press, 2007.
Title: The Theory of Culture of Folklorist Lauri Honko, 1932-2002 The Ecology of Tradition
Author: Kamppinen, Matti.
Imprint: Lewiston :The Edwin Mellen Press, 2013.
Title: Voltaire à Ferney : adresse à la postérité moderne (1758-2015)
Author: Flamein, Richard, author.
Imprint: Paris :Classiques Garnier, 2019.

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